The End

After five years of Mods for HESK development, I have decided to end development. I no longer have sufficient time to work on Mods for HESK along with other projects and obligations, so rather than try and limp this project along, it would be best to simply end development. I will attempt to push out some bugfix releases from time to time; however, no new features will be added beyond this point. will be available until Mar 2, 2021 (“end of life”), and the GitLab repository will always be available should you ever need an old release for whatever reason. The Mods for HESK sub-forum will also be available until Mar 2, 2021.

I will still be present in the HESK community, but in a different capacity. I’m not able to disclose much at this time, but all I can say for now is, “stay tuned” 😀