Where Have I Been?

So, it has been over 7 months since the last Mods for HESK release and over 4 months since the last code change in the Mods for HESK GitLab repository. Some of you may be asking, “What’s going on? Is the project dead? Is Mike dead?” 😁

Well, I am most certainly not dead (sorry everyone 😛). However, I have been taking a break from Mods for HESK for a while. To be very straightforward, I wasn’t enjoying the time I was putting into the project, and it started to feel like a second job. I never wanted this project to feel like a job, so I decided I needed a break from it.

So, what have I been doing? Well, nothing HESK related. Instead, after the release of HITMAN™ 2, I’ve spending the past few months building interactive maps for HITMAN™ 2, which is over at https://www.hitman2maps.com. I must say, I have been enjoying working on the site, which is why I have been focusing more of my time on it instead of Mods for HESK (or any of my other sites for that matter).

I’ve also been taking some more “me” time, being able to catch up some other things that I enjoy doing, such as taking part in the Distant Worlds 2 expedition in Elite Dangerous.

I’ll be returning to Mods for HESK “soon™” with the release of Mods for HESK 2019.1.0 (which was supposed to be 2018.3.0 last year). However, don’t be surprised if it is a few months from now before the release — there are still things I want to accomplish with hitman2maps.com and I will naturally gravitate towards what I want to work on more. Hopefully this break will allow me to come back into Mods for HESK development and enjoy working on it again 🙂