[2018.3.0] Category Groups

Coming to Mods for HESK 2018.3.0 is a brand new way to organize your categories: category groups!  No longer do you need to name categories like “Account > Password Reset” and “Account > New User” — you can simply have an “Account” category group.  Let’s take a look at how they will work:

Managing Category Groups

To manage category groups, there is a new “Manage Category Groups” page. Here you can create, rename, and re-order category groups.  You can have an infinite number of nested category groups; however it will be recommended to only have 3 levels (otherwise the layout will become quite cramped).  To re-order category groups, simply drag-and-drop the category group into its new place via the simple tree view.

Manage Category Groups page

Visual Changes

When creating a new ticket, the select category group page has been changed to support these new category groups.

View When Creating a New Ticket

Security Changes

There are no security options when providing access to category groups; you will continue to provide access to categories as you already do.

Users who can manage categories will automatically be able to manage category groups.