[3.1.0] Custom Navigation Elements Make a Return!

Back in the old days of Mods for HESK (when it was simply called “HESK UI”), you could add custom elements to the customer navigation bar, staff navigation bar, and to the homepage “block” elements.  Well, after Mods for HESK 2.3 was released, support for these custom elements was somewhat dropped.

(as you can see, I hoped to have brought them back in 2.6……not so much 😆)

However, 3.1.0 has brought back custom elements and easier to use than before.  A new page has been added to manage custom nav elements.  The main page will show any custom nav elements that have been added (Note: any custom nav elements added the old-fashioned way will not be transferred).


Creating an element is straightforward and user-friendly.  Custom nav elements support multiple languages, allowing you to set a different name per language.  You can also choose between an image URL or a font icon for your icon as well (recommended image file sizes are available by hovering over the (?) icon).