One of the new features coming to Mods for HESK 3.1.0 is a REST API that can be used in third-party applications.  What does this mean exactly? Well, for regular end-users, nothing. This API is purely for allowing other applications to call HESK / Mods for HESK features.

Perhaps you have an online form that you want to auto-create a ticket.  Can you do that now? Not really. You have to send your user to your helpdesk and have them submit a ticket, or put the “create ticket” page in an iframe on your site. Now you can create a custom form and submit the form to the create ticket API.

Now, starting in 3.1.0, the REST API will be considered a BETA for a little while as some issues may be present.  Additionally, not all HESK / Mods for HESK features have an endpoint available. The possible functions that can be used during 3.1.0 are:

  • Tickets – Customer
    • Create Ticket
    • Get Ticket
  • Tickets – Staff
    • Get Ticket
    • Delete Ticket
    • Edit Basic Ticket Information
    • Create Ticket
    • Get Attachment for Ticket
    • Save Attachment on Ticket
    • Delete Attachment from Ticket
  • Categories
    • Get All Categories
    • Get Category by ID
  • Get Statuses
  • Get Settings
    • Note: Any settings that can expose private information (such as usernames and passwords) will not be returned for privacy reasons.

Hopefully some of you find a good use for the upcoming API, and of course, report any issues with the API so they can be patched 😉