[3.1.0] Need to Resend a Notification Email? You Can Do That (Soon!)

There’s usually a time when you send a ticket reply to your customer, and then you hear nothing back. After a while, you contact the user directly, just to receive the classic “I never got the email!” response.  Now, if your user does not return in a timely fashion, you can now click a single button to re-send the exact email they received the first time.

When viewing a ticket message / reply, simply click the “Re-send Email Notification” button.  That’s it!


[3.1.0] Custom Navigation Elements Make a Return!

Back in the old days of Mods for HESK (when it was simply called “HESK UI”), you could add custom elements to the customer navigation bar, staff navigation bar, and to the homepage “block” elements.  Well, after Mods for HESK 2.3 was released, support for these custom elements was somewhat dropped.

(as you can see, I hoped to have brought them back in 2.6……not so much 😆)

However, 3.1.0 has brought back custom elements and easier to use than before.  A new page has been added to manage custom nav elements.  The main page will show any custom nav elements that have been added (Note: any custom nav elements added the old-fashioned way will not be transferred).


Creating an element is straightforward and user-friendly.  Custom nav elements support multiple languages, allowing you to set a different name per language.  You can also choose between an image URL or a font icon for your icon as well (recommended image file sizes are available by hovering over the (?) icon).


[3.1.0] Mods for HESK REST API

One of the new features coming to Mods for HESK 3.1.0 is a REST API that can be used in third-party applications.  What does this mean exactly? Well, for regular end-users, nothing. This API is purely for allowing other applications to call HESK / Mods for HESK features.

Perhaps you have an online form that you want to auto-create a ticket.  Can you do that now? Not really. You have to send your user to your helpdesk and have them submit a ticket, or put the “create ticket” page in an iframe on your site. Now you can create a custom form and submit the form to the create ticket API.

Now, starting in 3.1.0, the REST API will be considered a BETA for a little while as some issues may be present.  Additionally, not all HESK / Mods for HESK features have an endpoint available. The possible functions that can be used during 3.1.0 are:

  • Tickets – Customer
    • Create Ticket
    • Get Ticket
  • Tickets – Staff
    • Get Ticket
    • Delete Ticket
    • Edit Basic Ticket Information
    • Create Ticket
    • Get Attachment for Ticket
    • Save Attachment on Ticket
    • Delete Attachment from Ticket
  • Categories
    • Get All Categories
    • Get Category by ID
  • Get Statuses
  • Get Settings
    • Note: Any settings that can expose private information (such as usernames and passwords) will not be returned for privacy reasons.

Hopefully some of you find a good use for the upcoming API, and of course, report any issues with the API so they can be patched 😉