The Road to Mods for HESK 3.0

So, HESK 2.7.0 is in its second beta (and will be nearing its third beta sometime soon), which means a new “major” release of Mods for HESK is on its way.  I’m currently working whenever I have a free chance to incorporate the changes that HESK 2.7.0 will be including.  As usual, some new HESK features already exist in Mods for HESK, so Mods for HESK 3.0 will be making some changes. A current list of changes include:

  • Mods for HESK’s autorefresh feature will be removed, and existing settings will be migrated to HESK 2.7’s autoreload feature
  • Right-to-left text support will be removed in Mods for HESK 3. I do not know of any users who are using this feature, and it is half-broken as it is.
  • The “multiselect” custom field is being removed. Multiselect fields are very similar to checkbox fields, so existing multiselect fields will be converted to checkbox custom fields.
  • Mods for HESK will continue to use its existing email template editor, instead of using HESK 2.7’s. There is no difference between the two, so there is no reason to replace the page.
  • Mods for HESK’s “can manage email templates” permission is being converted to HESK’s “can manage email templates” permission.
  • Mods for HESK 2 currently does not require an email address on the staff side when creating a ticket. This will change to HESK 2.7’s email requirement system.
  • HESK 2.7 will include custom statuses. However, Mods for HESK 3 will continue to use its own status system as it is more robust and feature-packed than HESK 2.7’s. Any statuses created in HESK 2.7 will be migrated to Mods for HESK 3 when installing.
  • Mods for HESK 3 will use HESK 2.7’s date custom fields, as it is better than Mods for HESK’s (and most likely bug-free 😉 ).  All existing dates will be converted during the Mods for HESK 3 update.
  • (if there are more changes they’ll be posted here)


I’d also like to take a moment to discuss the planned new features, in order of priority of completion*:

  • New backend UI: The staff panel is getting a fresh new look, thanks to AdminLTE. This is done to provide an easy way of noticing there is a new version of Mods for HESK, as well as provding a needed facelift.  Additionally, this new UI opens a new world for a “dashboard” page.  There are future plans to make a dashboard where users can add widgets to their page (ticket lists, calendar, etc)
  • Bugfixes: There are currently 3 bugfix issues open on the GitLab issue tracker right now, and those are planned to be fixed in Mods for HESK 3.
  • Miscellaneous new features:
    • Category descriptions: Add a description to a category to have it appear on-screen for users so they know what each category is meant for
    • Small Calendar Tweaks:
      • Add ability to remove the start time from the event
      • Popover header background will be the same color as the category background color
      • Category colors can have a background, border, and text color, rather than just the background color
  • Display Service Messages in Multiple Places: Currently service messages are only displayed on the homepage. Ideally it would be nice to view service messages on the create ticket page, view ticket page, knowledgebase, admin homepage, admin KB, and admin ticket page (create and view).
  • REST API: A REST API is being planned to allow third-party applications to integrate with HESK, such as mobile applications.

* depending on how much can be done before 3.0.0 is released, some features may be delayed until 3.1.0.


So, when will all of this be released? Well the answer is (1) when HESK 2.7.0 is released, and (2) when I finish making the changes.  Just like Klemen and HESK, I work on Mods for HESK in my spare time, between college and my paid job.  I’m making every effort on getting this finished in time for HESK 2.7, but don’t be surprised if there is a delay between the HESK 2.7 and Mods for HESK 3.0.0 release.