Migration to GitLab

On March 23, 2014, Mods for HESK (known as “HESK UI” at the time) was released for the first time.  The only changes Mods for HESK supported at the time was a responsive UI.  Now, almost two years later, nearly 30 new features have been added, most of them based on user requests.

Right now, Mods for HESK has several different systems in place to handle certain requests:

  • There is a UserVoice page setup for feature requests, where a user can submit a request and others can vote on them,
  • The GitHub issue tracker: to keep track of bug reports, as well as what I am currently working on developing for the next release, and
  • The official Mods for HESK sub-forum, located at the PHPJunkyard forums to live closely with HESK for general discussions and questions.

As you can probably tell, using three systems to keep track of new features that users want, as well as reporting bugs and other generic questions can be quite burdensome.  To alleviate this burden a bit, I have decided to move all primary source code and issue management to GitLab, instead of GitHub.  Now, you may be asking, “Why? Isn’t GitHub good enough?”  Well, the answer to that is yes, and no.  GitHub is an excellent tool for maintaining git repositories and communicating across open-source projects.  However, I have decided that I want to consolidate some of these systems together, and GitLab is the solution. GitLab supports issue voting (similar to UserVoice), so now GitHub issues and the UserVoice page can (and will) be combined into one game.

Over the next few days, the following will happen:

  • Existing UserVoice feature requests will be converted into GitLab issues, and the current number of votes will be recorded. Additional votes will be cast via the thumbs up / thumbs down icons.
  • The GitHub issue tracker will be shut down in favor of the GitLab issue tracker. All previous issues created in GitHub have already been migrated to GitLab.
  • The Mods for HESK website will be updated to replace all references to the GitHub repo to the GitLab repo.

The GitHub repo will still be updated on a regular basis and will allow pull requests for the foreseeable future.