[2.3.0] Service Message Icons

Well, I finally found some time to start working on version 2.3.0 of Mods for HESK. First item in the list is something I wanted to include way back in 2.1.0, but there were some technical issues causing this feature to be released in 2.3.0. Well here it is: service message icons.

The manage service messages page will have a new field added, known as the “Icon” field. Here you can select any Font Awesome or Octicon icon to accompany your service message text, regardless of the type of message (success, info, etc).

Screenshot of Service Messages

The icon dropdown, which is powered by a modified version of the bootstrap-iconpicker GitHub repository, allows you to easily see what the icon is and what it will look like using an easy-to-use interface.  If you don’t want an icon to accompany your service message, simply select “No icon”.  Clicking on the “Success”, “Info”, “Notice”, or “Error” styles will automatically change the icon to the style’s default icon (which is currently used in Mods for HESK 2.0.0 to 2.2.1) to hopefully make it easy to quickly create a new service message.

When this feature is released, will you be using custom icons for service messages?