Need help with something?


The Mods for HESK documentation contains how-to's on many topics pertaining to Mods for HESK. If you are having issues with a feature, go check out the documentation.

Installation Support

Installation support is available at the Mods for HESK sub-forum at the PHP Junkyard PHP Scripts forums

Translation Support

If a translation is incorrect... Fix it! The translations are not verified, and the community is welcome to make constructive edits/modifications to the translations.

I think I found a bug!

If you found a bug, follow each of these steps:

  1. Is the bug in your home? - Then just kill it. Problem solved!
  2. Can you reproduce the issue with a clean HESK installation (without Mods for HESK)? - Then post a topic on the PHP Junkyard PHP Scripts forum for Klemen, as this is not technically an issue with Mods for HESK.
  3. Can you only reproduce this with Mods for HESK? - Then create a topic on the Mods for HESK sub-forum, and I'll look into it. Better yet, open an issue on the Mods for HESK GitLab issue tracker.

Mods for HESK is terrible. I want to uninstall it!

Follow the uninstall instructions if you want to remove Mods for HESK.