Mods for HESK

Mods for HESK is a collection of modifications to the free helpdesk solution HESK 2.8.

Mods for HESK only supports HESK 2.8.6.

There are currently no plans to support HESK 3.


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New Features

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Mods for HESK Thanks the Following For Providing Free Open-Source Licenses

Responsive Interface

Responsive Interface

Mods for HESK provides an all-new, responsive user interface, allowing your helpdesk to look and feel amazing, regardless of what device your users are on.


The all-new calendar module allows event and ticket due date management, right inside HESK. Set up event reminders and be emailed when an event is coming up, or if your important ticket is suddenly overdue.


Improved Attachments


Mods for HESK has drastically improved the quality and usability of attachments, including:

  • Drag and drop attachment uploader
  • Attachments inserted directly into e-mail, instead of having users click on links to download attachments
  • Improved in-ticket attachment viewer, including inline image previews and download counts

Rich Text Emails / Tickets

Bored of plaintext emails that just don't get the point across as well as you wanted? Now use rich text, including images, lists, bold, and other formatting options. If it can be done with HTML, it can be done in Mods for HESK.

Rich Text


Easily have your third party applications communicate with HESK. Want to create a ticket via a custom website form, or from your build server? Just call the easy-to-use REST API.